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Reviews of "My Oaken Chest"

The list of reviews of "My Oaken Chest".

Again we want to thank all reviewers for their effort.


Review at Metallized.de


Review at Metal.de


Review at The Pit


Review at Vampster.de-Review


Review at Schwermetall-Review


Review at Metalblaze-Review



All reviews are german only.



Reviews of "The Winding Path"

Here is the complete list of reviews about “The Winding Path”.

A big “thanks” to all the magazines, for taking time for a review.

Not everyone is interested in writing about free metal albums…




Review at the Metalglory Webzine


Review at The Pit Webzine


Review at Metallized Webzine


Review at Archaic Magazine (formerly known as Vampire Magazine, this on is in english)


Review at Hateful Metal Webzine


Review at Metalblaze Webzine


Review at Midnight Heart Webzine (in the “Reviews” column)





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